Playing it smartly before examinations

Just before the exams, students bear the panic to how to study before the exams, and how they should revise. The moment you know you have exams coming up your way, you tend to do all of those things that you do not do in your normal routine. Studying for your examinations seems to be pain for most of the students. However, if one studies in a smart and effective way, everything will seem to be a piece of cake for all the students out there!

The main problem that persists before the exams is how to deal with time pressures? In addition, to dealing with time pressures, students must motivate themselves on how to motivate them just before the exams, so that they can get the grade that they are looking for. Good grades can be guaranteed for your custom theses. Our custom thesis is drafted in such a way that best results are achieved.

The over arching mantra for exam preparation is studying smart. Time is your most valuable resource (more so than food and cheap pitchers combined), so when you are studying, you want to always ask yourself: “Is this the smartest use of my time?” Having said that, what techniques should be used to make study fast, fun and so all the material just travels in through the books into your head!

Below, are some tips that help students to study fast and effective before the exams?

Practice Exam Style Questions
Dig out exam style questions that have been used in the past. Make sure you go over those questions and practice them, work through the practice problems, mock style questions, past questions etc. Spending 15 minutes to understand an exam style question can easily correlate to an extra 2%-10% on your exam.
Tip: take advantage on all the online resources that you have available. Practicing the past questions will help you save time in exams.

Read only what you have to read
In order to work smartly, only study the material that is required for the exams. If let’s say, your exam covers 11 chapters. Make sure you your only study what is required, if you as a student are dealing with the crisis of time management. If you have alternates available, such as slides, make use of that by grasping the main concepts.

Teach to learn

Studies have shown that retention is stronger when you are able to tell the information to someone else. Find peers, friends who are at around the same level of “preparedness” and carry out combine group study sessions. Teaching each other will help you grasp concepts more clearly and the rate of retention to grasp the material will be much more effective .This process can actually be fun too (just make sure that you can stay focused).

Make chapter Summary notes
Who has the time to do a great job of reading slides and textbook material to condense 20 chapters into concise notes? To make your life easy, make sure you make chapter summary notes of all the topics that are coming in the exams. Also, at the same time, for you to retain what you have studied so far, colour stick ons usually help. Best possible results can be achieved for your custom dissertation.
Tip: Make bullet point notes, and short summaries: this will help you to grasp the concepts more clearly.

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