We all have been taught the basics of speech; however, by the time we become business students there are a lot of basics that we tend to forget. So what is a figure of speech? As far as my understanding goes, a figure of speech can be described as a rhetorical device that achieves a special effect by using words in its own unique ways for your assignment writing service

Figures of speech can be described as, some departure from simplicity of expression; the idea which we mean to convey is expressed in a particular manner, and with some circumstance added, which is designed to render the impression more strong and vivid. The figures of speech are there to add colour and interest to the writing, and to awaken the imagination related to writing an effective essay. Figures of speech are everywhere and have always been around. For instance, figures of speech are seen from the era of classical works like Shakespeare to everyday speech, pop music and television commercials. It makes a reader widen their imagination and through figures of speech, the content written carries much more significance.

This blog highlights the common mistakes we make when playing with different figures of speech. You probably remember the English classes that we used to have back in high school. Figurative language is often associated with language and poetry. Weather we are not aware, figures of speech are used in everyday writing. Common expressions such as “hitting sales target” “climbing the ladder of success” are all metaphors used. My point being, figures of speech help readers understand and keep them intact in what we have to say.

So, why are figures of speech good to use? Visual words are great. We human are shaped in a way that we love emotions. We tend to disagree and we like to say that we are logical- but emotion works as a figure of speech for us. In your writing, emphasizing on figures of speech is a great choice. They add personality, add up spice to the article and most importantly you can easily engage the reader. If the article that you have written is an “attention grabber”, this will grab the attention of the reader for him/her to respond back. Figures of speech should be used when you are blogging; they create a lasting impression on the reader.
Also, they add to the persuasiveness of style. When writing an essay, it enables the author to change his expression at will. This results in a perpetual freshness and vivacity, together with an attractive brilliancy, which will grasp the attention of the reader. 

My point being that if you are not using figures of speech in your essays, start using them now. However, keep in mind that do not go “over the top” with using figures of speech in your essay. This will result in making your article sound absurd and the attention of the reader will be diverted.

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