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Essay writing

Essay writing

Essay is writing product that is often written by an author to express his/her own point of view regarding any particular subject or topic. Essay contains a number of elements that includes: political manifestos, recollections, reflections of an author, observations of daily life, learned arguments and literary criticism. Often essay is found overlapping with the writing product like short story or an article. Essay writing requires a great level of writing skills, which can only be learned through proper understanding of the topic and the subject that is to be written. Writing an essay requires proper planning on how to execute the story lines.

There are few important heads that needs to be well planned like: thesis statement, introduction, discussion, conclusion and references of the study. Thesis statement is the statement on which whole the essay is based, if the thesis statement is not followed throughout the essay then the main purpose of an essay can never be fulfilled. Many people face problem on how to write an essay as their vocabulary, grammar and punctuation is not effective to write an essay. What is essay writing is still unclear to many of the people due to un-effective educational background. Essay on writing is nowadays very much commonly found in the syllabus of schools, colleges and even universities.
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