5 Ground Smashing Ways to Score Better Semester Grades!

Let's face it – we students are just too pressurized by our teachers and professors to aim high and reach the skies. I mean, seriously, how many times have we all heard them say "Dream big!", "the sky is the limit!", "I expect a lot more from you my child", and the list goes on and on and on – I'm sure you know where I'm coming from right.

I had just about had enough of this 'student-teacher pressure cycle'; the need to finish all my academic assignments, such as, essays, term papers, research papers, custom thesis or even custom dissertation on time, to make sure every paper gets my best efforts, and work on topics I'm not even interested in. But, it's not like each of us can avoid it – each of us needs to go through all this drama for our own "PROSPEROUS ACADEMIC FUTURE".

So I've derived 5 Ground Smashing Ways to write a first class academic paper and hence score better academic grades. Here is what you need to do:

  • Be equipped 24/7
    Always know what you will need to work on during the semester for each class. Take a brief requirement from your instructor, so that you are prepared for each assignment well in advance. Each time a new assignment approaches, you can take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and conduct some research – which is frankly quite easy in today’s technology friendly age.
  • Have Fun :)
    Whatever topic you choose to write on, make sure it’s something that interests you or intrigues you. Add a touch of your opinion in the paper to get you professor’s attention. Your professor is not interested in the information that is already readily available on the internet; he wants to know your thoughts and your feelings. So make your writing a little personal and just enjoy writing on it!
  • Keep it simple
    DO NOT use big chunky words – that does not impress your instructor. Keep it short, sweet, to the point and simple. Be direct with the point you want to make or get across. Play it safe, so that tomorrow, you’re not sorry.
  • Avoid Errors
    Once you’re done with writing it down, go through it once or even twice; rectify your lame and annoying errors. Silly mistakes related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, etc. takes out the true pleasure of reading an original piece or writing; so don’t make the reading sour, make it sweet.
  • Revise ALWAYS!
    Revise, if need be. A few points to keep in mind while finalizing your paper are to ensure that it’s coherent, impactful and gets the point across. Remember – the aim is that your professor should enjoy reading what you’ve written.

    These 5 simple steps are your bridge across your academic life; each semester, stick to them and you’re A+ is guaranteed. I’ve tried it and it has worked every time. However, below are some facts about students who have not been using this secret formula towards ‘the Light’.
    • 87% of students fail to achieve the grades they want, due to extreme academic pressures.
    • 91% of students submit papers that lack originality and a personal opinion, which instructors look for while grading papers.
    • 93% of students give in papers that are more than 10% plagiarized.

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